Skies of the Empire – Available Now

Well, folks, it’s finally here! My debut novel, Skies of the Empire is now out!skies_of_empire_cover_front_RGB_with_text.jpg You can buy it by clicking this link, here!

Set in a steampunk environment with magical forces, Skies follows the adventures of Cassidy Durant, an airship pilot who forms an illicit partnership with a Fae creature, and Zayne Balthine, a mercenary on a suicide mission. Action and intrigue, cults and swashbuckling, friendship and betrayals all await in this exciting first installment of the Dreamscape Voyager Trilogy.

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  1. i see you are offering a new improved edition of the book ….i bought one and read it in 2019 however, i cannot prove purchase so i will never see the changes. i hope you took the comments i made and included them into the revision. also, with this coronavirus you may be awhile in having book 2 ready for publication. all i ask is that you have a way to inform us loyal readers when this #2 is ready to be purchased.


    • At this time, a photo of the physical book will suffice as proof enough for me, so include that in a DM with the desired mailing address. If you acquired it digitally, simply refreshing your kindle or ebook reader should cause it to update automatically.

      Book two is currently still very much on track, and as the latest updates regarding my state’s handling of the situation, the virus is not a major factor in its development, but that could easily change. Not to say my business is unaffected (sending out these promised copies is part of the business, for instance), but it’s actually very mild compared to other unexpected changes happening presently.

      I will definitely be sure to announce any significant updates for Promises of the Empire and all other future projects, including, of course, any release date information.

      Thank you for your continued support.

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      • there will be a problem sending you the photo of the SKIES. all i know how to do is send it from my phone not email. too bad the copyright on the third page of my copy 2019 is the only proof i have of when my book was sent to me…… thank you for the information on PROMISE i will wait for its release date. during this global pandemic, GOD BLESS


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