Skies of the Empire:skies_of_empire_cover_front_RGB_with_text May 2019. Paperback | Kindle| Hardcover | Audiobook

Airship pilot Cassidy Durant finds herself entangled in a menacing plot when a Faerie named Hymn saves her life in exchange for protection against nebulous enemies. This complicates her simple life of cargo trading, since affiliating with the Fae is a death sentence in the Empire.

Meanwhile, reluctant mercenary Zayne Balthine is tasked by his employer, a devout worshiper of the Desert Goddess, to break into the Imperial Palace. It’s not his first suicide mission, but this time, things are different. He’ll die should he fail, though that’s nothing new. But if he succeeds, he will be responsible for unfathomable death and devastation.

Promises of the Empire: March 2022. Paperback | Kindle | Hardcover exp1

It’s been a year since Cassidy Durant became the captain of the Dreamscape Voyager, and six months since she witnessed the carnage at the Dragon’s Nest. Supported by her crew and Hymn — the enigmatic Fae with whom she has formed an illicit partnership — she has done all she can to carry on with her life. However, the horrors of the past refuse to stay behind her. Instead, they threaten the future of the entire Empire.

Dreams of the Empire (forthcoming) The final installment of the Dreamscape Voyager trilogy.

Shogun Akiryu: The Romance of the Half-Yokai Princess (Forthcoming) An epic fantasy samurai drama.

The Amber Society (Forthcoming) A cosmic horror fantasy

Path of the Dawnstar (Forthcoming) A martial arts adventure drama